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Health and Safety, it’s a crime if you don’t get it right.

Health and Safety (H&S) can be an absolute nightmare for organisations to manage. Your workers may be exposed to any number of risks on any given day, including physical injuries like sprains, broken bones and back injuries as well as physiological injuries like stress, anxiety and depression. There is no worse feeling as a manager than when someone is seriously injured at your workplace.

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How can enableHR assist with H&S at your business?

enableHR’s comprehensive online safety management system makes it easy to plan, manage, track and report your health and safety data. It includes interactive workflows, guides, templates, policies and procedures – everything you need to help you manage and ensure the safety of your employees!

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enableHR is backed up by New Zealand’s leading Employment Law firm, LangtonHudsonButcher, so you can be confident that you’re adhering to up-to-date compliant best practice, and your ongoing legislative requirements.