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The laws around managing people and keeping them safe are about to get much tougher. So the tools you use to manage your people and your workplace need to get much smarter.

See how well your business is set up to handle the new workplace rules.

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Online Performance Reviews

Online Performance Reviews

Want a more agile review process?

Simplify how you conduct and manage employee performance appraisals and reviews. Using eSS, employees get the direction, feedback and development they need to achieve business goals at their fingertips.

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enable Self Service

enable Self Service (eSS)

Save time and money with greater employee accountability.

By reducing your employees’ reliance on HR to perform administrative support tasks, you can cut costs and response times while improving HR efficiency, productivity and compliance.

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Discover why over 8,000 businesses employ enableHR

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Why choose enableHR?

  • Peace of mind
  • Backed by lawyers
  • HR + WHS + Contractors
  • Templates, guides and tools
  • Configured for enterprise
  • Integrates with payroll
  • Immediate ROI

Who is it for?

All businesses – large and small use enableHR as the default HR administrator, to lower the cost of meeting HR needs.


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