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The enableHR Story.

enableHR was born in 2006, when co-founder Campbell “Cam” Fisher was working at a specialist law firm stuffed full of expensive lawyers (he was one of them). He knew that running a business while complying with complicated workplace regulation wasn’t easy, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. While big clients with really big problems were happy to pay for expensive lawyers to solve those kinds of problems, smaller companies just couldn’t afford the same kind of support. He became frustrated at the firm’s inability to support these smaller clients and came up with the idea of using technology as a way to solve the very similar challenges faced by all businesses, but solve them in a fundamentally different way.

So you could say enableHR was born out of frustration, and founded on a commitment to make managing HR and legal compliance simple, accessible and affordable.

We’ve come a long way since then. The law firm is still there, as are the expensive lawyers (Cam’s still one of them), and they still look after big clients with really big problems. But now they share offices with a lively bunch of creatives, designers, software developers, product managers and programmers, and get to pour 30 years of top-tier legal experience into making everything inside enableHR legally bulletproof.

We know that a precondition of creating a great employee experience and being an employer of choice is to get the fundamentals of compliance right. Get it right, automate as much of it as you can, and you get a happier, more productive workplace.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the right people…

Our People.

We’re a diverse bunch, culturally and geographically, but one thing we all have in common is our love of technology and innovation and its potential to improve people’s lives. It’s something we all share, from our employment lawyers and workplace relations advisors to our product team and software developers. It’s part of the culture here: a contagious enthusiasm for creativity and innovation that makes enableHR (and the whole Citation Group) a fantastic place to work as well as helping us win a bunch of awards for Employer of Choice and Innovation.

Our Causes.

We’re also big believers in doing all we can to help others. We run several programs and annual charity events that support worthy causes, including giving staff leave to do volunteer work, and running events such as our Lavender Bay Stair Challenge and our flagship social program, Workable, where we support business owners living and working with a disability.

Our NZ Law Partner: LHB

Of course, no matter how good they are, Australian employment lawyers are out of their depth when navigating the uniquely complex world of workplace law in New Zealand. That’s why we partnered with the only firm we believed could match the Citation Group pedigree: LangtonHudsonButcher (LHB). Based in Auckland, LHB’s lawyers have many years of employment law and litigation experience. NZ workplace law is what LHB does best, and they do it so well they’re internationally recognised as a leading specialist employment law firm. You’ll notice their expert touch and specialised knowledge in every checklist, workflow, and document you come across when you’re working with enableHR in NZ.

Our Future.

We’re growing fast and always looking at how we can improve the enableHR experience for our customers. No matter how good our software, there are always new features and integrations being planned and rolled out. It’s a never-ending cycle (and we wouldn’t have it any other way)!

And, as we grow, we’re always looking for top talent. If you think you’d like to work at enableHR and help our clients build better workplaces, get in touch .