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It’s sexy. No, it really is!
Compliance, or making sure you don’t break any of New Zealand's complicated employment laws, is often treated like the plain and unfashionable cousin who stands in the corner at a wedding — the cousin nobody wants to talk to — while everyone’s talking about glamorous Culture and Employee Experience getting all the attention out there on the dance floor. But compliance is probably the most important entity in the room. Perhaps it just needs some styling and a makeover to make it more attractive, like in one of those teen movies? Roll montage…

Compliance shows your values. It’s what your employees experience.

Becoming an employer of choice and providing a sensational employee experience starts by getting compliance right – all the time. Your customers and employees see your compliance as a reflection of the values of your organisation: how you feel about and respect your employees and society — your sense of what’s fair and just. Your customers will notice when you get it wrong, become headline news and damage your business and brand.

And your employees notice when you get it right.

What many organisations don’t see, but what employees know, is that the values of an organisation and the leaders within it are critical to the attraction and retention of top people. Values feed into the employee experience and whether they consider you an employer of choice, want to work for you or stay working for you.

“If the employer is an individual, they may have to pay a personal penalty of up to $10,000. If the employer is a company or other body corporate, they may have to pay a penalty of up to $20,000. The employer may have to pay higher penalties for serious breaches of the law."
Employment NZ

Ignore it, and it’ll bite you.

Compliance is also complex. It’s easy to make a mistake, misinterpret an award, or miss the latest amendment to some regulation or other. It’s even easier to get caught (it only takes a single employee reporting you to the Employment Relations Authority). And with Labor Inspectors hunting for workplaces and industries who breach minimum employment standards and workplace laws, and crackdowns on many industries, you can’t afford to see compliance as just ‘ticking a bunch of legal boxes’.

The penalties for non-compliance are severe and can be enough to break the back of many small or medium-sized businesses. Intentionally ignore compliance issues and you could fall under what’s called ‘personal liability’, where you could be held personally accountable for breaches, whether you’re the business owner, a director, manager or employee.

Being compliant doesn’t have to be difficult.

Compliance is our strength, and we love helping others achieve it. It comes from being part of FCB Group and having the resources of FCB Workplace Law and LangtonHudsonButcher (NZ) behind us. With the resources inside enableHR, you’ll have everything you need to be 100% compliant. With your compliance handled, you’ll be able to focus on the fun stuff, like strategy, culture and growing your business.

Compliance is the foundation upon which a vibrant workplace culture is built. So don't leave it standing in the corner — make it part of the conversation.