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How enableHR works.


Workflows are what we call processes in enableHR. When you use an enableHR workflow, you’re guided at every step with helpful explainers, popups and info boxes, so you’re never left wondering, at any stage, what you need to do or why you need to do it. Our workflows are legally compliant, step-by-step, and automate a lot of manual tasks to help you work faster. There are workflows to guide you through almost anything to do with HR, including performance management.


Checklists are like workflows and work hand-in-hand with them. Our checklists guide you – but they also protect your business by stopping you from accidentally doing something illegal when following a sensitive HR process such as managing a redundancy or termination.

Cloud-based Accessibility.

enableHR lives in the Cloud – in this case a vast array of servers managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and spread across multiple sites in Australia. AWS are second to none at managing data for businesses, so you can be certain your data is secure, backed-up and reliable. enableHR can be easily accessed by you – and only you – thanks to industry-leading encryption and multi-factor authentication. There’s also a way for employees to log in to a self-managed part of enableHR called Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Digital Signatures.

enableHR allows you to go paperless with your HR, including when signing documents. Letters, employment contracts, approvals – anything requiring a signature – can be viewed and signed digitally by both managers and employees. This is great for processes like onboarding – making it easy to bring new employees into the business (and manage them when they get there).

Cloud-based Records.

The law requires you to keep employee records for seven years. For some businesses, that’s a lot of paper! Cloud-based records are secure, searchable, efficient and fast. They also take up about as much room as the device you use to access them. You’ll be turning your HR file rooms into office space when seven years of employee records are the size of the smartphone in your pocket.

Sharing Information.

enableHR workflows often require you to share information between managers and employees. Whether that’s updating personal data in ESS, using the built-in messaging module, downloading legal content, uploading images from your smartphone, or assigning (and ticking off) tasks and more – we’ve got you covered. Being able to instantly upload photos and documents, from any device, will transform the way you manage things like Work Health & Safety.