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Why enableHR?

Because we believe HR should be simple. Simple enough for you to run your business with ease and confidence. So we built a company to help you do exactly that.

Time. Efficiency. Productivity.

Great software lets you focus on people, not processes. enableHR means working faster and smarter. Ditch the paperwork and embrace automation and anytime access whether you’re at work, at home, or places in-between. Make your HR controlled, consistent and compliant, regardless of your workforce size or composition, so you can recover the time you need to work on things that matter.

It's cost-effective.

Time is money, and when you do things more efficiently you save both. Our clients slash the time they spend on HR admin by up to 90%. So while HR software feels like a cost, it's really an investment — one that’ll pay for itself many times over. Dust off those projects you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have the time or money (or start new ones).

Flexible. Customisable. With killer support.

Our software is scalable and configurable. Tailor the parts you want to suit the way you operate. Use only the features you need right now, knowing that the platform has the power to keep up with you no matter how far or fast you scale. And, if you get stuck, you get a high-level of product support that’s rare when it comes to software.

Industry-leading compliance. Top-tier lawyers.

We’re part of the Citation Group, and enableHR was created by Citation Legal — the law firm with more Accredited Specialist lawyers than any other workplace relations law firm in Australia.

To deliver the same level of legal expertise in New Zealand, we partnered with LangtonHudsonButcher (LHB). LHB is New Zealand’s leading specialist employment law firm. This means you get HR software where every process, workflow and document has been carefully reviewed for compliance by employment law experts. Working with one of NZ’s best law firms means that if the law changes, the documents and processes in enableHR can be immediately changed and updated via the cloud.

We're Cloud experts.

The Cloud is where it’s at. We were one of the first HR companies to recognize this and build cloud-based software, back when we had to explain to every prospective client what 'the Cloud' was — it was so new most people hadn’t even heard of it. The Cloud has come a long way since then, and we’ve grown with it.

Security. Reliability.

enableHR is hosted by Amazon Web Services, delivering speed, security and reliability. Your information is backed up to multiple locations. Whether stored or moving, your data is kept safe and anonymous with layers of industry-leading encryption, role-based access permissions, and two-factor authentication.

Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Save your business time and money by giving your employees their own secure portal accessible via any internet-capable device. Let employee-driven record management, messaging, real-time alerts and online access to documents take away much of your HR burden. It’s a communications channel that’ll engage your employees and ensure your (and their) information is always up to date. Role-based access lets you hand off certain tasks and makes performance reviews easy.

H&S management & compliance.

Lead, manage and engage your staff in all aspects of safety. Meet your H&S obligations with enableHR's market-leading H&S Solution that uses a unique, proactive approach.