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HR made simple.

enableHR is the people-management platform businesses use to boost performance, take care of compliance and create culture.

Create efficiencies and streamline your HR

Great software lets you focus on people, not processes. enableHR means working faster and smarter. Ditch the paperwork and embrace automation and anytime access whether you’re at work, at home, or places in-between. Make your HR controlled, consistent and compliant, regardless of your workforce size or composition, so you can recover the time you need to work on things that matter.

Don’t let compliance
hold you back

Compliance is our strength, and we love helping others achieve it. It comes from being part of Citation Group and having their backing. With the resources inside enableHR, you’ll have everything you need to be 100% compliant. With your compliance handled, you’ll be able to focus on the fun stuff, like strategy, culture and growing your business.

Compliance is the foundation upon which a vibrant workplace culture is built. So don't leave it standing in the corner — make it part of the conversation.

Employee Self-Service

Save your business time and money by giving your employees their own secure portal accessible via any internet-capable device. Let employee-driven record management, messaging, real-time alerts and online access to documents take away much of your HR burden. It’s a communications channel that’ll engage your employees and ensure your (and their) information is always up to date. Role-based access lets you hand off certain tasks and makes performance reviews easy.

Complete HR & safety software to manage your people


 Onboarding & recruitment: seamlessly bring the best people into your business and create the kind of first impression that keeps them there.


 Employee records: you’ll have a central repository of data for all your employees, contractors and volunteers. Paperless, cloud-based and secure, your records will be consistent and up to date across your business.


 Managing people: Our online performance review tools will keep you compliant and protect you from problems.


 Employee Self-Service: employees can log in to a portal, view and update information saving your HR or admin team time and energy.


 Health & Safety: access an advanced H&S management system that helps your business stay ahead of safety.


 API & Integration: enableHR integrates with other best-in-class systems using an API.


 Workflows: the software guides you through smart, legally compliant HR processes, automating a lot of manual tasks to help you work faster


 Checklists: designed to guide and protect your business by warning you from accidentally doing something illegal when following a sensitive HR process such as managing a redundancy or termination.


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