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The Employee Record.

Centralised data.

Every Interaction.

You won’t need a photographic memory when you can record every interaction between your business and your people and save it all in a single location: performance reviews, contracts, leave, qualifications, documents and communications, that conversation you had last Thursday. You can even customise what sort of information you want to keep. So whether you need to know when to get a birthday cake (and set a reminder), want to identify long-term trends in behavior or the details of that course they asked you about last Thursday (what was it called again?) – you can store (and find) the info you need whenever, and wherever, you need it.

The go-to when things go wrong
(or right)!

If something goes wrong and you’re faced with an employment-related issue, you’ll have all the information you need to get it sorted. If the issue turns into a dispute or involves the Employment Relations Authority (ERA), your employee records will be the first thing you turn to for evidence. But don’t just think of your records as insurance against the bad stuff, because when your employees are star performers you’ll have evidence of that too.

Culture & Compliance.

Information is useful, but information stored and managed in a structured, accessible, legally compliant way is more than just useful. Qualifications, job descriptions, probation dates, signed acknowledgement of company policies and safety notices, performance reviews and more – with enableHR you’ll have every interaction and piece of information you need to get to know your people, build a great workplace culture, and keep you compliant.