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Elegant Onboarding.

Because you only get one chance to make a first impression.


Easily manage your recruitment, from creating and describing a new position to submitting requests and approvals. There’s Seek integration, and you can manage everything from your mobile device. Once you have applicants, there are workflows and guides to screen them, send automated emails and get you interviewing & shortlisting like a recruitment professional. enableHR mirrors some of the functions of a dedicated Recruitment Management System, helping you find the people you need in a way that’s fair, simple & compliant.

Employment Contracts and Induction.

Make offers and create contracts, with digital signing and a secure portal where your new employee can upload copies of relevant qualifications using any internet-capable device. Our contract templates are written by accredited employment lawyers and reviewed quarterly to keep pace with workplace legislation to protect you and your business. Customise your employment contracts, while remaining 100% compliant with New Zealand legislation, through a simple Q&A process where your answers determine the structure of the template.


Distribute company policies, training materials, safety notices and documents, and have the employee sign and acknowledge them digitally, from any device. It’s all automatically saved in their employment history, so you’ll never have an argument about someone not being aware of something.


Manage probation and set expectations with clear and comprehensive job descriptions, automated reminders when probation is about to end, and a flexible performance management system that can be customised to your culture and the way your business works.


Protect your business and your brand with the range of compliant policies built into enableHR. From policies on Alcohol & Other Drugs, EEO, Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment, to Working From Home, Social Media and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even compiled them into a digital Employee Handbook.

Powerful creation and editing options let you adapt any policy to your unique business, write new ones and control distribution across your organisation. Your company policies will never be out of date again, and no one will be able to deny having read them when they’re accessible from any device via ESS, must be digitally signed, and you’ve set up automated reminders to tell you when it’s time to review or renew them.