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Breaking up is hard to do, so we made it easier.

Saying goodbye is hard whether it’s the employee’s decision or yours. And in the modern workforce, research shows that most employees will move on within two years*, with smart companies now leaving the door open for good employees to return (and reaping the benefits). Add the fact that your former employees can easily share their experience with your business on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor, and it pays to ensure you part on good terms. So, whether the decision to part ways is theirs or yours, it’s important you follow a fair and compliant process to reduce the risk to your business.

Master every situation.

Experience easy and compliant offboarding whenever an employee leaves the business. Resignations, redundancies, restructure, managing misconduct, making decisions to terminate, misconduct counselling, meeting preparation, termination meetings, termination within a trial period or on probation, casual employees, summary or immediate dismissal, dismissal for cause, abandonment of employment, issuing statements of service and separation certificates (and more): enableHR has a process for every situation.

Go beyond checklists.

Every process or checklist in enableHR has helpful popups that explain the regulations and reasoning behind every decision you need to make. And we don’t stop with telling you what you should do, we tell you why you need to do each step and guide you through it, so every decision you make is an informed one. Whatever you need to do – from knowing what to say in a meeting, to how to determine a genuine redundancy, to what constitutes grounds for summary dismissal – you’ll have the tools to tackle offboarding with confidence.

We’ve engineered away the risk.

Poor or poorly executed processes are where mistakes happen that lead to claims. So, we’ve engineered away the risks with helpful processes that test your decisions and stop you if you’re about to make a mistake that’ll leave you open to a claim. If you’re blocked in a process because of a bad decision, you won’t have to worry. As you’ll be presented with alternative actions to take and the reasons behind them.

Where LHB's specialist expertise shines through

Processes around termination are especially risky and are where the specialist expertise of LHB's workplace lawyers shows. LHB has worked with us to build processes based not only on New Zealand law but on best-practice principles of procedural fairness learned from many years of experience in employment law and litigation. Processes that'll help you practise due diligence and care, and back you up if you're ever faced with a claim.