In 2021 FCB Group joined forces with Citation and since then we’ve become a global family of brands specialising in workplace compliance and certification solutions.

While we’ve been busy helping businesses of every size and sector, we’ve also been evolving ours – last year we acquired Best Practice and QMS Certification Services. Now we think it’s time we look and feel like one big family with a shared identity, brand, and a new name to unite us. And because of this, we’ve changed our name from FCB Group to Citation Group.

We’re the same great people providing the same great service, but our new and exciting rebrand is a truer reflection of who we are, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

Meet our new logo

Our new logo is designed to tell a story; it captures our purpose and represents our family of brands. Our ‘Forward Motion Swirl’ represents our relentless drive to keep moving forward, innovate and support you in an ever-changing world. It empowers our forward-thinking businesses (that’s you), to grow and prepare and protect you for whatever comes your way.

Looking ahead with a new look

Our fresh new look is bold, bright, and warm, just like us. Because we believe we aren’t like other companies, and it was time to visually stand out. Our refreshed look highlights our refreshed proposition – building the ultimate business pit crew powering Australia and New Zealand’s leading businesses.

Same great people, same great service

To better align our services and help us grow, we’re going to become one brand. Our rebrand has brought our family of brands closer together so that you and your business can benefit from our shared purpose. From HR and Workplace Law to Workplace Health & Safety and Certification, we’re here to help you drive your business forward. You’ve got goals and ambitions and we’re here to help you achieve them.

Campbell Fisher, Managing Director of Citation Group says: “We’ve experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years – and a trend we intend to continue. And while our services are now united under a single brand identity, making it easier for our clients to access our experts and help our teams work better together, there are some things that will remain unchanged: our commitment and high-quality service.

“Over 30 years ago, together with my sister Jessica Fisher, we founded FCB, and back then, we could not have envisaged where our business would be today; our company has evolved and diversified into new markets, and while we might be a bigger and better version of where we began, we’ve stayed true to our values. At the core of everything that we do, we have and will remain a people-focused company that provides excellent workplace compliance solutions for our clients’ businesses.”

What does this all mean for you?

We’re here to help prepare and protect you and your business to take on the future. Giving you access to the technology, service, support, and content so you can achieve your ambitions.

Our team is busy updating all our materials, from certification marks and certificates through to essential templates, to make sure you’re looking as fresh as we are for the future. When they’re ready and available, we’ll show you where you can find these assets so you can easily update your own marketing collateral, vehicles, websites and more.

We hope you love our brand-new look as much as we do. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. You can contact us here.