• What are the terms and conditions of subscribing to enableHR?

    enableHR has a minimum cost of $75 per month, which includes your first 10 workers. Beyond this, additional workers are paid for based on usage at $7.50 per worker. An enableHR subscription has a minimum term of 12 months.

  • Do I need complex configuration to be done before I can start using enableHR?

    No – once you’ve signed up for enableHR you can use all of our pre-configured functionality for managing your entire workforce. If you like to tinker, there are a range of configuration options you can use to further customise your account, and if you want to go even further, you can contact our Client Experience team to […]

  • Are there different editions of enableHR?

    No. Unlike other systems where you have to pick and choose what you want and pay extra for, enableHR is offered as a simple pay-per-use model where you get access to all system functionality for all of your workers.

  • Do I have to have a big HR team to manage enableHR?

    No – enableHR is designed to put control of your workforce in the hands of your managers, lightening the load on your HR team. If you do have a large HR team, enableHR can also be customised to further meet your needs. Contact our client experience team to find out more.

  • Do I get any training when I purchase enableHR?

    enableHR maintains a knowledge base which contains a range of documentation of all aspects of the system, and provide telephone and online support when you need help beyond the knowledge base. There is no charge for you to access this knowledge base or support – it’s all included as part of your enableHR subscription.

  • I have a business that requires a lot of casuals over Christmas – how do I get charged for this?

    enableHR’s pricing is based on the maximum number of workers (Employees, Contractors and Volunteers) you have in the system over a given month. For periods where you are managing additional staff, you will be charged the standard $7.50 per worker for that month per record. When those workers are no longer current, you no longer pay for […]

  • What are the costs for enableHR?

    enableHR $75 per month minimum which includes your first 10 workers. Beyond that, you only pay for the workers you have within enableHR. Additional workers are charged based on usage at $7.50 per worker per month. If you have 20 employees, you pay $150 / month; if you have 40 you pay $300 / month.

  • Can I get my data out at the end of my subscription?

    We can provide you with an export of your account containing all record data and documents managed within enableHR.

  • Does enableHR integrate with payroll software?

    enableHR is optimised for payroll integration. enableHR has the ability to set up and update employee details from Xero, Wage Easy, MicrOpay and MYOB. In addition, enableHR can import from a spreadsheet for easy and quick integration from other payroll systems.

  • Can I customise enableHR to suit my business needs?

    enableHR offers a wide range of options to accommodate the needs of your business. If there is something you need enableHR to do that is currently not within the system functionality, we can customise your particular account to fit your requirements.

  • How secure is my data?

    enableHR’s security and disaster recovery framework follows best practice guidelines, with all data hosted within Australia. enableHR runs at multiple sites in Australia and uses continuous data protection. For more information see Security and Disaster Recovery.